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Utilizing his 15+ years of experience in the HVAC service and installation business, David Miller founded DLM Heating and Air in 2005 to serve the HVAC needs of the Metro Atlanta area. While the DLM Service Team is trained and experienced in the design, installation and maintenance of both residential and commercial HVAC systems, they have a special bond with the many residential families they serve.

The company's founder and Lead Service Technician, David Miller, tells the story best. 

"From a very young age, my father always tried to instill in me a strong work ethic as well as a passion for excellence and giving back to the community where I live. So I guess I really owe a lot to him for my success in this business. Thanks Dad!


But he also always coached me on the importance of treating others as I would want to be treated myself. It always sounded like a nice principle to live by. But it really began to make sense after my first few years in business.​


I always just assumed (naively, I know) that everyone in business lived by the same Golden Rule. But I soon discovered after starting my business that there are unfortunately a large number of companies and service providers out there that are simply looking to maximize their profits today at the expense of their customers. I can't tell you how many bids and service calls that I've gone on where an unscrupulous service tech has recommended repairs and replacements that simply weren't necessary.​


So staying true to my father's words of wisdom, I simply continued to provide the best possible service to my customers. And that meant that if they didn't need a new part or an "extra service", I simply told them so and only fixed the parts that needed repair.​


And what I have found is that by earning my clients' trust and respect in this way, they not only continue to use our services year after year, but they also recommend my business more often to their family and friends.​


So I'd like to first and foremost thank my dad for the many important lessons he has taught me over the years. Without his help, I wouldn't be the man I am today. And I'd also like to thank our many friends and customers who have supported us over the years and helped us grow. If you'll keep referring me, I promise to keep providing that same level of individualized service that DLM Heating and Air has come to be known for."

Many thanks to you all! 

​David Miller, Founder & Lead Service Tech

DLM Heating & Air


DLM Heating & Air

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